Damp Survey & Report

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Toner Damp Proofing based in Belfast but cover all of Northern Ireland offers a range of specialist surveys and reports covering all aspects of home preservation including:

  • Damp Surveys including rising damp and penetrating damp
  • Timber Surveys including Dry Rot, Wet Rot and Woodworm
  • Remedial Treatment Surveys
  • Structural water Proofing Surveys and Designs
  • Specialist Damp & Timber surveys with the report (eg. Bank requested) carried out by a CSRT (Certificated Surveyor Remedial treatment)

Information which you could find useful about Damp & Timber Surveys and Reports

It is our duty to inform you that in order to carry out a thorough inspection floor boards e.t.c may need to be lifted.

1. Arrange a time and date convenient for inspection.

2. The survey takes approximately 1-2 hours.

3. During which an in-depth investigation will take place.

4. Reports will be ready in 1-2 Days.

5. You will receive a comprehensive detailed report.

6. You will receive a Health & Safety Data Sheet for your own Safety.

7. You will receive a quote for specialist works. (if needed)

8. Reports can be Posted, E-mail or whichever would be more convenient.

Toner Damp proofing puts customer care at the heart of its business and adheres to offer the highest standards for our customers. Toner Dampproofing is a full member of the Property Care Association, (PCA), which is the trade body in Northern Ireland and the UK that works tirelessly to ensure the highest standards of professionalism for those specialising in damp proofing, timber preservation, structural waterproofing and structural maintenance. Please have a look at our about us page and if you require further information or would like to arrange a survey please contact us we will be happy to help.

Another service we offer to homeowners and builders is a specialist diagnosis, this involves our qualified surveyor to inspect your property for defects that may cause internal damp and timber defects, you will receive a compressed report with our findings & recommendations for remedial work needed to rectify the defects causing the problems. This survey will save un-necessary works, costs and stress.